Time : Full Day

Departure : Daily

Transport: Big Motor Boat, Rowing boat, Bike


  • Morning: Local tour guide picks you up at 30/4 Tourist Dock on Central My Tho City side, travelling by boat over Tien River to Mekong Taste Restaurant – Resort [Mekong Taste]. On the way, tourists will enjoy sight-seeing the river flow peacefully, listening to the engine sound of motor boats rustling.

View from River: Dock, Restaurant – Resort of MekongTaste

  • Big motor-boat will bring you to visit fish raising rafts on Tien River. You will experience right here how to feed the fish, learn the process of fish raising rafts on the river.

  • The boat will then bring you back to a lovely restaurant & resort by the river – Mekong Taste. Right step on Mekong Taste, guests are all welcomed by management team with “Welcome drink”, a small snack that children in the countryside are very fond of “Dwarf sugarcane juice – Sponge cake” which recalls a strange but also familiar sense.

  • After enjoying refreshing and relaxing “Welcome drink”, Mekong Taste invites you to experience the journey to discover Thới Sơn Island by bicycle – a new activity at Mekong Taste and Thới Sơn Island tourist site. On the journey across Thoi Son Island, tourists take relaxing-free to cycle on the peaceful village road where one side is the river and the other side covered by green gardens. The 2-hour journey will help tourists feel the peaceful countryside atmosphere, learn the characteristics of culture and people in the new land – Thới Sơn Island.

Sightseeing about boat building career

Sightseeing about Church of Thới Sơn

Sightseeing & tasting green grapefruit

Sightseeing & learning about dragon fruit planting

In the middle of the journey, tourists will take a rest stop under the largest banyan tree arch on the Island

  • Going on, tourists will cycle by bike leisurely back to Mekong Taste for lunch at the Riverside Hut. Lunch being served with charming Southern dishes will surely bring you back to those old memories as well as help getting energy recovered after an exciting trip.

  • Afternoon – 14h00: After lunch and free rest at Mekong Taste, guests will continue to explore culture of the river area along with other interesting activities.
  • The horse drawn carriage will take guests a tour along the village road lead to the canoe wharf to experience the dinghy rowing through the intricate canopies of nipa palm – a familiar tree typical of the Western.

  • Strolling around the colorful handicraft streets, you will encounter fulfill of colorful cute, rustic souvenirs made from coconut trees and various kind of Western fruits. Thoi Son Island is famous for its large longan orchards, which is also the source of food for beekeeping to produce bee nectar. Tourists will be toured to stop by to enjoy a cup of delicious honey tea which can help nutritious good shape – beautiful skin.

  • And, of course, the journey is indispensable with sweet and honest singing voice from the folk art form which is recognized by UNESCO as an intangible cultural heritage of “ĐỜN CA TÀI TỬ”

  • After enjoying the hometown melodies with the timeless songs, the big boat will bring you back to the 30/4 Dock on mainland of My Tho City. The Mekong Discovering journey ends.

     Wish you have an interesting and exciting tour with Mekong Taste!

    We wish to have the opportunity to serve you in the future.

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